Visions is the young person’s drug and alcohol service for the London Borough of Hounslow, working in partnership with Cranstoun. We work with young people aged up to 18 years of age, for those where the use of drugs or alcohol has impacted on their lives.

Upon referral we complete an comprehensive assessment, identifying the areas requiring support, and make a plan with the young person to address their needs.

We are an outreach service offering appointments wherever the young person feels comfortable to meet, this could be at school, college, home or anywhere else within the borough.

The service offers:

  • Comprehensive assessment
  • Outcome star to inform care planning
  • Group work
  • One to one sessions
  • Delivering awareness sessions in schools
  • Advice and support for families
  • Harm reduction
  • Links to local health and young people's services
  • Training on Identification of substance misuse for professionals
  • Evening and weekend sessions
  • Partnership working
  • Outreach

Assessing Behavioural Complexities:

The 'ABC' model is an evidence based approach to assess the complexity of behaviours a young person may present when accessing a substance misuse treatment service. Visions can provide one to one interventions at all levels of complexity.

If you would like to refer a young person to the visions service please download the referral form. Alternatively if you would like to discuss this referral please contact us on: 0208 5836 441 /
young people must concent to the referrals being made.

Once we receive your referral, we will contact the young person in order to arrange an appointment. At this appointment we will complete an assessment to ascertain what their treatment goals may be and explore the reasons for seeking treatment. We will explain the different options available and talk through what might be helpful.

The Visions worker will contact you with the outcome of the assessment, and with the young person's consent, we endeavor to include you in the care planning and provide you with regular updates on progress. Click here to download our referral form.

About Us

Our aim is to help young people make positive choices in their lives to reduce the harm caused by drug and/or alcohol misuse.

We undertake initial and comprehensive assessment of need, access to specialist prescribing
pathways, structured care planning, therapeutic interventions and motivational support.

The service offers

  • 1:1 Support/ Interventions.
  • Group work.
  • Written and verbal advice, information and support.
  • Harm reduction advice.
  • Advice and support on general wellbeing.
  • Outreach.
  • Advice and information for parents and carers.
  • Male and female workers.
  • Training for professionals.

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0208 583 6441